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Gill ‘wraps up’ Bandage Market

HEALTH authorities in the West Midlands are using a new bandage manufactured by an entrepreneur from Warwickshire.

Gill Sweeney manufactures Easigrip, which is a new brand of elasticated tubular bandage that can be used to support sprains and help sporting injuries. The dressing has already been successful in six overseas countries and has recently been introduced to the UK market.

Gill manufactures the bandage from a small factory unit in Warwick and has already had success in Belgium, Holland and Ireland. The bandage is now available locally and Gill has had great satisfaction supplying the bandage to the West Midlands.

"Easigrip has taken years to research and I feel very privileged that local health authorities have decided to use the dressing. Although it has taken time to develop the bandage, I feel the research has been worthwhile and I am confident that the product is of the very best quality." Said Gill.

Gill has relied on local resources to establish the business and believes her experience as a pharmacist has undoubtedly helped market the bandage.

"Prior to manufacturing Easigrip, I owned a pharmacy in Leamington Spa and was able to gain an insight into specific customer needs. Although changing career path from retail to the manufacturing industry was a risk, it has certainly proved worthwhile and I have received positive customer feedback regarding the bandage’s quality."

Easigrip is one of the largest suppliers of elasticated tubular bandage to Belgium and the company has recently won a contract to supply hospitals in the North Western health board region in Ireland.

Health authorities around Bitain are now using the bandage.

Malvern Hills PCG Pharmaceutical Advisor, Dr Alex Johnson, said: "When we produced our wound management formulary in March 2000, we included Easigrip rather than the market leader as we could see no difference in quality and there was a substantial cost difference".

For further details can be obtained from www.easigrip.co.uk or call Gill on 01926 497108.


1. Approximately 800-1000 businesses export within the Coventry / Warwickshire area – which fulfils the sixth portion of the West Midlands district. The West Midlands accounts for 8% of export business in the UK, of which 25% is part of the manufacturing sector.
2. PCG – Primary Care Group
3. Easigrip was marketed at the Medica ’99 tradeshow in Germany.

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