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A stitch in time

A STITCH in time has quite literally saved more than nine for a Warwickshire manufacturing firm.

In fact, it has saved around 90 million stitches a day after bosses at elasticated tubular bandage company Easigrip imported a knitting machine with 550 needles.

Entrepreneur Gill Sweeney, who set up the company with support from her husband Paul in 1999, has seen such a rise in orders from all over the world, she has invested in a belated Christmas present.

The machine has so far produced enough bandage to wrap around Warwick Castle and its grounds 10 times. By the end of 2003 the amount of bandage produced by the new machine could lap the popular tourist attraction 120 times.

Mr Sweeney, joint managing director of Easigrip, travelled to Germany to test-stitch state-of-the art knitting equipment, before buying a machine from a company in the north-west.

"I was determined to find a machine, which would cope with the extra demand in orders," he said.

"The machine had to be imported from Germany so it took 180 days to be made and delivered to our unit in Warwick. But now it’s here we are able to increase productivity."

The new machine adds to the fleet of British-made knitting-making equipment currently being used by staff.
It knits approximately three-and-a-half metres of bandage - used for dressing retention and support - a minute, and has been welcomed by employees.

Mr Sweeney said the firm, which supplies bandage to the United Nations, is looking forward to a productive 2003.
He added: "More and more people are using Easigrip and I believe it is the quality that has helped to secure business in six overseas countries including Holland, Ireland and Belgium.

"It is a competitive market, but we feel for a small firm we more than measure up to other brands."


1. Easigrip is available on UK Prescription.
2. Easigrip was launched at Germany’s Medica tradeshow in 1999. Only recently has the product become available on UK Drug Tariff.
3. Easigrip was marketed at the Medica ’99 tradeshow in Germany.

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