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M&A join forces with Easigrip

BOLTON-based pharmaceutical distributor M & A Pharmachem Ltd has secured a partnership with an award-winning bandage manufacturer.

It joined forces with elasticated tubular bandage company Easigrip last month in a deal which will see the product marketed to more than 3,000 pharmacies throughout the UK.

Under the agreement, pharmacists will be encouraged to place orders for the newly established bandage.

Sales and marketing director Mike Gatenby said: “We are effectively providing Easigrip with its own sales force. We hope our experience in healthcare will help market the product.”

M & A Pharmachem, which operates from its Wigan Road laboratories in Westhoughton, has been established for more than 25 years.

It is one of the market leaders for distributing and manufacturing generic medicines.

Former pharmacy owner Gill Sweeney, who founded Easigrip, said: “I’ve always wanted to produce my own medical product and although it was launched three years ago, it is still relatively new on the market.

“Account managers from M & A Pharmachem will visit individual pharmacies introducing the bandage.
“It is a significant deal that will benefit both Easigrip and M & A Pharmachem.”


1. Gill Sweeney won the Daffern Award for Enterprise and Excellence in November 2001, for her innovative skills in setting up the company.
2. Easigrip is a fixed non-compression bandage manufactured to British Pharmacopoeia standards. It comprises of 100% cotton interlaced with covered rubber and requires no pins or tape to secure.
3. Easigrip was launched at Germany’s Medica tradeshow in 1999. Only recently has the product become available on UK Drug Tariff.

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