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Easigrip on limbs

WELCOME to the official website of Easigrip Ltd – manufacturers of high quality elasticated tubular bandage.

The bandage, available in a range of different sizes, is ideal for sprains, strains, joint support and dressing retention.

Easigrip: the product

Made to British Pharmacopoeia standards, Easigrip comprises 100% pure cotton interlaced with covered rubber. It requires no pins or tape.

Easigrip - similar to Tubigrip® - is favoured by many primary care trusts and is available to order at your nearest pharmacy.

The small family-run business provides a first class service to members of the public, health professionals, overseas distributors and wholesalers.

Since its launch in 1999, many primary care groups and trusts have been keen to include Easigri p in their wound and dressing formularies, as it represents a cost-effective alternative with excellent clinical performance.

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"At last there is an alternative brand of Elasticated Tubular Bandage that provides excellent clinical performance."

An independent view…

"I believe Easigrip is softer and uses better elastic than other -brands. It holds is structure well – even after washing. Other brands are much more expensive."
Hans Peter Brands, Medzorg, Holland

"Easigrip is very acceptable for -its purposes. The product is very -successful as demonstrated by its use in overseas countries."
David Allen, Textiles Technologist, Nottingham Trent University

Easigrip: news and competition
More and more people are
turning to using Easigrip
and such is the popularity
of the product the Daily
Express recently featured
the company founder.
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Easigrip: for sport
We support you to score on the pitch. Easigrip offers thigh, ankle and knee support
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Back from injury - looking for added support during training? Easigrip for ankle and knee joints
A master with the bat or a first class catcher? Turn to using Easigrip for support
Extra support holding the racket? Easigrip has high quality wrist and elbow supports
Tee-off with confidence and comfort. Easigrip wrist support ideal for amateur golfers

Easigrip: savings
Did you know...

THERE were 225,400 NHS
prescriptions* issued for Tubigrip® size E
one metre lengths in
2002 in England.

If 25% of these were for
Easigrip the savings
would be £28,175
If 60% were for Easigrip
the savings would be
- and that’s just one size!

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* statistics from prescription data sheets England and Wales 2002


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