Our History

Gill Sweeney used her experience as a pharmacist to start manufacturing her own brand of elasticated tubular bandage when she set up Easigrip Ltd in 1999. She felt there should be a greater choice of bandage available on the market and realised her small family-run business could offer customers a high level of service. Within months of setting up the company, Easigrip was and still is being exported to several overseas countries.

The success of the product has been remarkable with general practitioners and community nurses across the UK prescribing it. Winning a contract to supply Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal hospitals in Ireland, is just one of Gill’s recent achievements.

It is unusual for a woman to own a business within the manufacturing sector. Equally irregular, is the uncommon nature for a company to export a product before being established in the UK. But Gill, through the help of Trade Partners UK and her determination to manufacture her own quality product, has succeeded in delivering a new brand of elasticated tubular bandage that is being used by millions of people worldwide.

More Details About Gill Sweeney

How successful was your pharmacy?

“How successful was your pharmacy? “After studying a degree in Pharmacy at Bath University, I decided to purchase a high street chemist in Leamington Spa. Even though the business had strong competition from a nearby Plc, our turnover increased by a factor of six. The increase in business proved to be too much for the Plc competitor who couldn’t compete with my chemist, so subsequently relocated!”

Why change from retailer to manufacturer?

“I realised there was a niche in the market for the manufacturing of elasticated tubular bandage. So, after 20 years working as a thriving retailer, I decided to change career path and move into the manufacturing sector. During the pharmacy years, I witnessed the disappearance of many pharmaceutical businesses and the amalgamation of small companies. By developing a new brand of elasticated tubular bandage, I felt I would be able to offer a unique individual approach offering a level of customer service that is not always inherent within larger establishments.”

What does Easigrip Ltd offer its customers?

“The small ‘close-knit company’ provides an added choice within the bandage market. This criterion has been welcomed by many and after years of research developing the product, I believes the company manufactures a top quality bandage.”

How was Easigrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage developed?

“Easigrip is an alternative brand of elasticated tubular bandage that has been developed after intensively researching market needs. The product was launched at the Medica ’99 tradeshow in Germany where initial international contacts were made. The product is manufactured at our factory in Warwickshire using traditional knitting machinery to produce high quality bandage made from 100% pure cotton interlaced with covered rubber.”