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:general practitioners

MANY Primary Care Trusts and Primary Care Groups include Easigrip on their dressings formulary due to its excellent clinical performance and value for money.

We believe Easigrip is much softer than many other brands offering patients comfort when the bandage is used for dressing retention and/or for support.

Prescribing Easigrip saves the NHS money and can provide huge savings on prescribing costs. When purchased over the counter it can save your patients money as well.

In 2011, Easigrip is much more cost effective than Tubigrip®, please see our onlne calculator for possible savings..

The savings that could be made on prescription costs could save the NHS a significant amount of money if more general practitioners prescribed Easigrip.

Of course it is not all about cost savings and that is why at Easigrip Ltd we are proud of the fact we manufacture a high quality brand of elasticated tubular bandage.

It is important that prescriptions state “Easigrip” to secure these savings and not just ETB or tubular bandage.

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