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EASIGRIP is prescribable and listed in prescribing software such as EMIS and Multilex.

Many Primary Care Trusts and Primary Care Groups include Easigrip on their dressings formulary.

Prescribing Easigrip can save you money and patients benefit from using high quality elasticated tubular bandage.

It is important that prescriptions state “Easigrip” to secure these savings and not just ETB or tubular bandage.

Easigrip is readily available through all major dispensing doctors wholesalers.

How do I start saving money by using Easigrip?

It’s so easy for dispensing doctors to change to Easigrip and start benefiting from huge cost savings.

Simply get your dispensary manager to order stocks and start writing the scripts.

If you are changing over to Easigrip or are one of the many surgeries that currently uses Easigrip please contact us so we can add you to our database and provide you with regular news updates and special offers.

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